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"The truth is always collaborative."

Dr. Quintarrius Shakir



"I am gift from God's vagina."
- Dr. Quintarrius Shakir

Dr. Quintarrius Shakir is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the multimedia conglomerate Black Spectrum Network. Black Spectrum Network is an umbrella company housing Dr. Shakir’s other famous enterprises: (1) The African Magic School, an online university which trains students in ancient African religion and (2) The Voodoo Institute, a spiritual support network of psychic advisors and priests. 

An internationally recognized expert in personal crisis management, spiritual development, and growth work, he conducts retreats, workshops, and classes in the United States, Haiti, and throughout West Africa. He provides advice, counsel, and strategic crisis management solutions to politicians, celebrities, and business executives. Currently, he provides spiritual counsel to several candidates and campaigns in Atlanta and Clayton County. While his work is largely concentrated in the world of business and politics, clients have also included individuals in healthcare, beauty, and spirituality more generally. 

Although Dr. Quintarrius Shakir works with high-earning and sometimes high-profile clients and companies, he understands discretion and privacy are non-negotiable. He works closely with private clients and is frequently called upon to explain threats of sociological and mystical nature. He is known for paying meticulous attention to detail and using his intuitive abilities to help his clients predict, prepare for, prevent, and recover from disruptive events. 

Personal crisis management and assisting with campaign strategies are not all Dr. Shakir has been able to master or accomplish. Currently, he is developing and authoring several different books on crisis management, cartomancy, and Haitian Vodou. He plans to released these books during the summer of 2023.

He holds a bachelor of arts in sociology and educational studies from Emory University, a master degree in sociology from University of California Santa Barbara, and a doctorate from University of California Santa Barbara. He initiated as a houngan (priest) in Haitian Vodou, working closely with his godfather Neg Mawon. He is the founder of The House of Bawon, a temple for Haitian Vodou in Atlanta, Georgia.







Premium Crisis Management Solutions


This service provides you with an overwhelming amount of information about your personal destiny in Haitian Vodou and what lies ahead for you should you choose to embark on the journey of studying Vodou. You will learn about what ceremonies and rituals need to be performed for you to access the fullness of your personal power, which lwa support your destiny, and how to communicate and work with the lwa walking with you. The lwa will speak directly to you about your fate, your future, and your innate mystical abilities.


This service provides you with timeless information that helps you to decipher and understand your past and present. It can also predict your future, as well. You are give thirty-minutes to carefully discuss and ask questions to the lwa any question that comes to your mind. This is one of my most popular services because it serves a myriad of purposes. My clients use this consultation to influence important business and job opportunities, health challenges, and personal life matters.


This service is designed to help appease, heal, and venerate disruptive or scattered European ancestors. People of all races in North and South America, the United Kingdom, and Australia must face the intersections of race, justice, healing, and religion. This service helps facilitate the healing of personal and racial trauma by confronting the reality that one's European ancestors used faith and religion as a tool of oppression. Clients will receive information on their European ancestry, methods to heal and venerate fallen European ancestors, and rituals to repair the past and present damages of slavery's impact on the client's faith, destiny, and ancestral court, more generally.



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Since I have been under this mentorship with Black Spectrum Network I have learned so much about how to properly connect to my ancestors and to venerate them. This is a lesson like none other. The resources that are provided and the free mentorship has changed my life drastically. I'm so glad that I found BSN. The mentors actually care about you and push you to bring out the best in you. If you want to learn to properly venerate your ancestors, learn the magical correspondences of herbs and how to properly do your spell work this is the perfect platform to learn this and so many other things concerning African spirituality.

Sandra M. Herndon