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Apr 12, 2022
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For brands looking to gain exposure, Twitch's reach is nearly unparalleled,” writes Megan McVay for Gartner L2 . “Between Q2 2017 and Q1 2018, the site drove desktop site traffic for a quarter of the brands analyzed in Gartner's L2 Digital IQ Index : Consumer buy email list Electronics. Nine percent of Acer's site traffic came from Twitch, the largest share among the brands analyzed. PlayStation attracted over 500,000 visitors from Twitch, representing 1.3% of the brand's referral traffic." But brands can and should think beyond influencers, affiliate links, and traditional advertising here. If The Washington Post can get politicians to play with them live while they're being interviewed, then the possibilities are endless. Marketers just need buy email list to understand who they are targeting. Twitch itself acknowledges that it won't be easy. The platform's global director of customer strategy, Mike Lucero, told AdNews Australia that the biggest challenge in onboarding brands is getting them to understand who Twitch's audience is. "The biggest challenge is to free Twitch from games and really convince the market that it's a lifestyle brand that goes far beyond video games, which have proven to be the main content" , did he declare. Those who get started will have the chance to build buy email list an audience in an open space without competitors, and they will reach some of the most active consumers of content in the market today. The average Twitch viewer watches 106 minutes of live streamed content per day, and 292 billion minutes of Twitch live streams were watched in 2016, which equates to over 500,000 years of content. To get a slice of that action, forward-thinking brand marketers need a plan: Understand your audience.

t series

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