Psychic Readings

A psychic reading serves a myriad of purposes. Psychic readings can be conducted using cartomancy, pendulum dowsing, bone throwing, and one’s own intuition. You can speak to ancestors, ghosts, angels, demons, twin flames, and any other paranormal entities walking with you. A psychic reading can tell you about your past and present, and it can also predict your future. You can receive vivid information and detailed explanations about any person, event, memory, moment, or feeling you can think of. You can learn about your spirit guides and other deities walking with you. Past-lives, life purpose, and spiritual gifts can also be discussed in this service.

Natal Chart Analysis

Natal Chart readings discern information about an individual according to the placement of the planets and stars at their time of birth, and the influence of these placements on their personality, emotions, and life purpose. Simply put: You can learn about who you are, why you do what you do, why you like what you like, and why you want what you want based on the time, date, and place in which you were born. This service allows you to analyze the cosmic connection between you and the sky. A natal chart analysis allows one to predict how people will respond to certain situations and the sorts of things they prefer and value.

Wanga/Magick/Spiritual Work

This service relies on the esoteric teachings and magical secrets of Haitian Vodun, Ifa, and African American folk magic. The world can be influenced by magical means. The universe is filled with resources to help you manifest the outcome or lifestyle you desire. You can control your life and live it the way that you want. You can attract a lover, break a hex, improve your health, enhance your dreaming, and even get revenge on your enemies. The results of these magical practices come fast.

Personality Analysis

A personality analysis uses cartomancy to determine your strengths, talents, and natural spiritual gifts. This service provides a great deal of insight into the core components that make up who you are. Knowing more about your personality means you can live a life with less tension and more joy. This service also allows you to examine the parts of yourself that you do not like, helping you to strengthen the weaknesses of your personality.

Cartomancy/Tarot Reading

This is an ancient Egyptian practice. This service uses cartomancy to provide guidance on all matters of life such as money, career, environment, love, family, health, and death. This service is best used for open-ended questions and can provide detailed information about how to move forward on matters that concern you. It is not advised to ask “yes/no” questions with tarot readings.

Spirit Board and Pendulum Dowsing

This is an ancient occultist practice. This service uses a wooden board (ouija board) with letters from the alphabet and numbers on it to communicate with the Lwa (Haitian Vodun deities), the dead, and other types of entities (angels, demons, fairies, etc.). A pendulum is used to determine what message the spirit(s) want to deliver to the client. This divination method enables fast and accurate communication with spirits. Both open-ended and close-ended (yes/no) questions can be asked using this divination method.

Bone Reading

This is an ancient West African practice. A bone reading uses a combination of animal bones, cowrie shells, coins, and other trinkets to divine information for a client. The bones are thrown once a client asks a question, and depending on how the bones fall, detailed answers can be acquired. A spirit board with images of symbols and sigils is used to enhance the vibrancy of the information divined.