“In moments of frustration, I say the n-word under my breath.”
Phone Number: (901) 350-0602
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Name: Dr. Shakir/NEGRÉ ZO
Spiritual Practice: Haitian Vodun
Sun/Moon Sign: Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon
Divination Method: Cartomancy, Pendulum Dowsing, Bone Throwing, Personality Astrology


I am Reverend Dr. Shakir, an initiated priest in Haitian Vodun. Academically, I am trained as an ethnographer. I hold a PhD in sociology, and I studied African American sexuality and spirituality.

The majority of my spiritual work is performed using the magical methods and secrets of Haitian Vodun. My spiritual readings aim to deliver clear and deliberate messages that result in the deepest level of healing and growth in the least amount of time. Combining my divination tools with my intuitive gifts allows for me to give you formulas, solutions, and strategies for tackling the everyday challenges of life and attracting to you the desires of a pure heart.

I am able to perform any and all magical services, but I specialize in these areas of what is known as “black magic”: (1) jinx/hex/curse work, (2) love and sex magic, and (3) necromancy.