“I am a recovering academic looking to help people return to their souls through readings or coaching. Book a session with me – Dr. Tea.”
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My name is Dr. Nicole Truesdell (aka Dr. Tea). I am a recovering academic who is looking to help others uncover their own life paths through spiritual consultations and life coaching. I am committed to helping people come back to soul as a way to help you step onto your life path. I have been engaged with Spirit since I was a child, in one form or another, but it was when I found my godfather in the Ocha tradition that I found the right home to express my spirituality.

I focus on ancestral veneration as a form of daily practice alongside Orisha worship. I believe the land is alive, and nature/the elements require us to be in harmony with–not dominate over–them. This aligns with my work as a soul coach. What is soul coaching? It is deep self reflective work rooted in truth telling and (re)gaining connection to your own Spirit. Our souls are the individual articulation or the Divine. It is the personality we each brought with us when we came to Earth. And it is the first thing that can leave us when we are not on our life paths, not fulfilling our destinies as we rush through life on autopilot. 

I use my gifts as a reader to help my clients navigate larger life issues as they return back to their souls. This means my readings are focused on your spiritual development and I use a combination of tarot cards, oracle cards, and bones on two self designed spirit boards. My readings are in depth so come prepared with 1-2 clear questions and I take care of the rest.

I am also a teacher, having worked as a faculty member and administrator in higher education for over 10 years. I believe that we all need to continue our education, especially when it comes to learning about spirituality from a Black lens. I teach courses on prayer crafting, foundations of African spirituality, how to work with nature/the elements,altar creation, and doing work on self before you even think about working another. 

If you are interested in spiritual readings, soul coaching or life/career coaching, please book a session with me – Dr. Tea.



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