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Phone Number: (401) 300-4984
Email: drtruesdell@blackspectrumnetwork.com
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Name: Dr. Nicole Truesdell/Dr. T
Spiritual Practice: Ocha and Hoodoo
Sun/Moon Sign: Leo Sun, Taurus Moon
Divination Method: Tarot and Oracle Cards, Bone Readings


My name is Dr. Nicole Truesdell. I am a recovering academic who is looking to help others uncover their own life paths through spiritual consultations and life coaching. I am committed to helping people come back to Spirit as a way to help you step onto your life path. I have been engaged with Spirit since I was a child, in one form or another, but it was when I found my godfather in the Ocha tradition that I found the right home to express my spirituality.

I focus on ancestral veneration as a form of daily practice alongside Orisha worship. I believe the land is alive, and nature/the elements require us to be in harmony with–not dominate over–them. If you are interested in spiritual readings or life coaching, please book a session with me.


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